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Sender Score

Are you viewed as a good or risky sender? Find out now with our email reputation check tool.  

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What is a Sender Score?

Your Sender Score is like a credit score to gauge your credit worthiness but for email: It measures the health of your email program and IP reputation. Each Sender Score is a number between 0 and 100 that identifies the quality of your sender reputation and details how mailbox providers view your IP address.



You need to repair your email reputation. Your IP has been flagged for engaging in risky sending behaviors and your email performance could be suffering because of it.



You have a fine IP reputation score, but there’s room for improvement. Continue to follow industry best practices and optimize your email program.



A history of healthy sending habits has resulted in a great email reputation. Good senders can get recognized and rewarded for their sending — learn more here.

What makes a good or bad email reputation?

Mailbox providers take a lot of metrics into consideration to determine your sender reputation score, including spam complaints, how many unknown users you email, if you’re on any industry blocklists, and more.


If you’ve engaged in spam-like behavior and landed on a blocklist(s).

The number of your recipients that are reporting your emails as spam.
How well you’ve configured your systems that deploy and authenticate your emails.
Sender Rejected

The amount of your mail that was blocked at the MBP’s gateway.

Messages Filtered
The amount of your mail that was accepted at the MBP’s gateway, then filtered to spam or not delivered.
Spam Traps
The number of spam traps – aka emails created to catch spammers – your IP address hit in the last 7 days.

MBP Spam Rate

The percentage of your email that is delivered to the spam folder.

Unknown Users
How much mail you’ve sent to users who do not exist.

Fluctuations in Send Volume

If you’ve recently had any large fluctuations in the amount of mail you are sending.

Where does the data that informs my score come from?

Your Sender Score email reputation score, which includes the IP score and IP reputation, is calculated using data from the Validity Data Network, which is a collection of more than 80 mailbox and message security providers around the globe that send and receive Sender Reputation Data to and from Validity.

Mailbox and Messaging Security Providers provide data and distribution as the foundation for Validity reputation and deliverability services, and Validity reciprocates with processed data, scores, and services to help Mailbox Providers deliver legitimate mail and fight spam more efficiently and effectively.

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Blocklist Lookups

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