Are You Blocklisted?

Your email may not be reaching subscribers’ inboxes. 

Validity offers a free Blocklist Lookup tool informing you if your IP address is on our email blocklist. To check your IP address right now, fill out the form to the right.

The Return Path Blocklist (RPBL) from Validity collects a number of email server IP addresses engaging in spam-like behavior and unsafe email practices. This blocklist is based on Validity’s robust data sources and cooperative industry partnerships, and is widely used by mailbox providers, security vendors, and filtering agencies as a contributing factor in their filtering algorithms and policies. 

The RPBL Blocklist identifies spam-like sending practices and classifies emails based on specific criteria. These calculations are centered around sender behavior and content such as threatening attachments, spam trap hits, and authentication failures. An IP is listed when our system detects messages containing these indicators from that IP.  

The RPBL is just one of hundreds of blocklists out there and they are not all created equal. Some blocklists can have a catastrophic impact on your email program, while with others, you will hardly notice any impact. If you find yourself on the RPBL, it is a good indication you’re on other blocklists as well, and you’re likely experiencing underlying issues with your email program. Being able to proactively monitor listings, identify the cause, and understand the methods to resolve it are vital to managing the situation effectively.  

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Note: this free tool only checks for active blocklistings.

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