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Why am I blocklisted?

When IPs are blocklisted, they usually engage in high-risk sending behavior, such as:

  • Sending to email addresses that never subscribed to receive communications
  • Sending email campaigns from botnets
  • Sending messages containing suspicious attachments
  • Email authentication failures

Often these high-risk sending behaviors include security issues such as bad data partners or viruses sending mail through your network.

If you find yourself on the Return Path Blocklist, it’s a sign that you’re likely experiencing underlying issues with your email program. Being able to proactively monitor listings and identify the cause is essential to resolving these issues.

Learn how to improve your deliverability.

Blocked or not, you can always be working to get into more of your subscribers’ inboxes.


Fundamentals of Email Deliverability


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Keep your email list healthy.

Mailing to an accurate and up-to-date contact list is essential to keeping a positive reputation and staying off blocklists. Learn more about Validity BriteVerify’s secure and scalable contact verification.