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Keep your emails squeaky clean

Don’t let bad contact data sabotage your success and cost you money. Use our free contact verification tool, powered by Validity BriteVerify.
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Why does contact verification matter?

Contact verification is essential to keep invalid contact data out of your database. Contact data can be invalid from the start, or it could be data that was once accurate but has decayed over time.

Invalid contact data can destroy your sender reputation, hinder email engagement, and waste valuable resources.

Sharpen your sending knowledge.

Learn how to improve your deliverability.


Fundamentals of Email Deliverability


Inbox Insiders: List Hygiene Strategies for a Post-MPP World

Podcast Episode

What’s the Deal with Email Deliverability?

Add more tools to your email arsenal.

Free tools that help you level up your email marketing program.

Subscriber List Analyzer

See a breakdown of your subscribers’ mailbox providers.

Subject Line Previewer

See how your subject line will appear in the inbox.

Complaint Monitor

Sign up to receive your complaint data.

Maintain a healthy contact list.

Build and maintain an actionable database, reach more people, and improve your sender reputation with Validity BriteVerify’s secure, scalable contact verification.