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Complaint Monitor

Managing spam complaints, made easy.

Take the heavy lifting out of setting up and managing your feedback loops. Use the free, comprehensive Universal Feedback Loop tool.

Hear about complaints, fast.

Use the Universal Feedback Loop tool to create and update feedback loops from 20 participating mailbox providers in one spot.

Step 1

Sign up for the Universal Feedback Loop tool

Step 2
Create or add your feedback loop subscriptions

Step 3

Get notified when your mail is reported as spam

How do feedback loops work?

A feedback loop (FBL) will notify you when mail originating from your IP or domain is reported as spam.

This way you can remove subscribers who no longer want to receive your mail and get ahead of deliverability issues.

Get your learn on.

Now that you’ve benchmarked your deliverability, learn how to improve it.


Fundamentals of Email Deliverability


Inbox Insiders: List Hygiene Strategies for a Post-MPP World

Podcast Episode

What’s the Deal with Email Deliverability?

Add more tools to your arsenal.

Take the next step in evaluating your standing as a sender.

Subscriber List Analyzer

See a breakdown of your subscribers’ mailbox providers.

Subject Line Previewer

See how your subject line will appear in the inbox.

Blocklist Remover

Improved your sending behavior? Ask to be removed from the Return Path Blocklist.

Keep your email list healthy.

Mailing to an accurate and up-to-date contact list is essential to keeping a positive reputation and staying off blocklists. Learn more about Validity BriteVerify’s secure and scalable contact verification.