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Putting the “fun” in email fundamentals.

Your guide Laura Christensen will take you through the fundamentals of email deliverability in this modular, two-hour course. Ace the final quiz to earn your exclusive Fundamentals of Email Deliverability certificate.

Featured Course

Fundamentals of Email Deliverability

Become a better sender on your own time. Take our free, self-paced course to deepen your email knowledge.

Module 1

What is Deliverability?

Module 2

Sender Reputation

Module 3


Module 4

Email Authentication

Module 5

Email Design and Content

Module 6

Campaign Reporting

Module 7

List Hygiene

Module 8

Email Engagement

Module 9

Final quiz

Meet your instructor.

Laura Christensen

Sr. Director of Professional Services, Validity

Laura leads Validity’s team of Email Strategists, working with clients across the globe to achieve optimal results from the email channel. Laura is passionate about helping marketers create better subscriber experiences to achieve success.

During her nearly 20 years in the industry, she has been involved in every aspect of email, and now focuses on analysis and application of email intelligence.

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