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Email After Hours

Quick, candid podcast episodes that aim to answer the ultimate email question: How can we give subscribers what they really want?

What’s the Deal with Email Deliverability? (And Why Everyone Gets It Wrong)
BIMI, BIMI More: How to Boost Email Engagement with Brand Indicators for Message Identification
Spam Happens: How Our Big Campaign Landed in the Spam Folder

Meet our hosts.

Danielle Gallant

Senior Email Strategist, Validity

Danielle started her career as an Email Marketer before making the switch over to consulting. Today as a Sr. Email Strategist at Validity, Danielle tells stories with data and provides actionable, data driven solutions for her clients aimed at strengthening the relationship between their brand and their subscribers.

Based in Toronto, she can often be found at the beach (yes, in the winter too!) with her dog Nixon or rummaging through estate sales for hidden treasures.

Guy Hanson

VP of Customer Engagement, Validity

Over the past decade, Guy has led a global consulting team working with clients to improve their email deliverability, subscriber engagement, and revenue. Today as Validity’s VP for Customer Engagement, he continues to explore his passion for email and data and share it with his clients to maximize their program value.

He’s a strong believer in giving back to his community, speaking at flagship events, providing training, and producing fresh and insightful thought leadership.

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