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Email After Hours: Episode 4

Email Automation for Maximum Revenue with Email Optimization Shop’s Jeanne Jennings

Email automation has a reputation for helping marketers “earn money while they sleep.” So, what could possibly go wrong? Well, a lot. Tune in to learn the truth about automation and how to get it right.

Say your team spends hours weekly managing your company’s email campaigns, but the results are meh at best.

Leadership is pushing for results, while on the other hand, running manual campaigns is eating into the team’s productivity and morale. Sound familiar? 

Email automation might be the answer. In this episode of Email After Hours, Jeanne Jennings, a twenty-year veteran in the email marketing space and the Founder and CEO of Email Optimization Shop, shares her insights across the email marketing spectrum. She discusses all aspects of email automation, from implementation tips to pitfalls. She also explains the importance of a robust automation strategy to help marketing teams deliver relevant, personalized content at scale. 


  • How to build a solid email automation strategy from the ground up  
  • Step-by-step guidance to create a message map for each campaign 
  • How automated emails and promotional messages should work together 
  • What types of triggered emails are usually most effective at driving revenue? 
  • The role of good deliverability when sending emails in a “lights out” environment 
  • The most embarrassing emails addresses we’ve ever had
  • Overrated email marketing trends of the moment (we’re looking at you, Chat GPT) 

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