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Email After Hours: Episode 18

ESP vs Sender: Whose Responsibility Is It, Anyway?

The ultimate game of email hot potato.


Ever feel like email marketing is a bit like a game of hot potato?

You toss an issue to your ESP, they toss it back, and before you know it, you’re in a never-ending spiral of “Not it!”

To sidestep this dizzying dance—not to mention dodge those cringe-worthy email threads or unplanned Zoom huddles with your ESP—Tom Corbett, industry heavy-hitter and Deliverability Consultant at Iterable, joins Email After Hours to demystify the landscape of responsibilities.

In this episode, we’ll drill down into the intricate dance between marketers and ESPs—mapping out the territory of who takes charge of what, look into unexpected challenges, share insider tips, and unveil the often-overlooked players in the email marketing arena.


  • (03:18 ) The hot potato dynamic between ESPs and senders
  • (06:45) Biggest responsibility misconceptions
  • (12:18) The ESP’s role in preparing customers for Q4 sales season 
  • (15:34) Tom’s advice for senders grappling with major industry changes
  • (17:52) Quick fixes and shortcuts used by senders in the industry
  • (19:53) Non-negotiable principles for senders and ESPs during Q4 rush
  • (23:04) How AI and automation might influence the sender/ESP dynamic
  • (26:27) Whose responsibility is it to set up BIMI?

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