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Email After Hours: Episode 6

The Role of Empathy in Email with Kate Barrett of eFocus Marketing

In these turbulent times, brands must show empathy in their email marketing communications to be successful. But the question is, how do senders achieve it in a way that is authentic and credible? Tune in as Kate Barrett, founder of eFocus Marketing offers her insights.

It’s been a crazy few years, to put it mildly. We’ve dealt with a global pandemic, a war in Ukraine, and most recently, an economic downturn that has left many people on tight budgets and temporarily without jobs.

These shifts have revealed the importance of marketing with empathy. If you want subscribers’ business, start by showing you care about them. And remember, actions speak louder than words.

More than ever, consumers expect brands to take a stance on key social issues, particularly younger generations. But the question is, how do senders achieve empathy in a way that is authentic and credible?

In this episode of Email After Hours, Kate Barrett, a twelve-year veteran in the email marketing space and founder of eFocus Marketing, shares her insights on how to best display empathy in email campaigns.


  • (02:40) How has email marketing evolved over the past decade?
  • (05:52) The importance of snooze emails for key marketing events
  • (09:02) Does empathy clash with revenue goals?
  • (12:18) How to show empathy in a way that’s authentic and credible
  • (16:48) Building empathy with inspirational emails
  • (22:20) The worst (and best!) marketing emails we’ve seen lately

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