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Email After Hours: Episode 33

How Data Protection and Trust-Building Fuels Germany’s Email Marketing Success

Why do German email senders see the highest inbox placement rates in the world? How can their strategies benefit senders worldwide? Let’s find out!

Do stricter legal requirements and sending guidelines actually lead to better inbox placement? Just ask Germany! 

The average German sender sees an average of 97% of their marketing emails land in subscriber inboxes (12% higher than the global benchmark) while adhering to extensive data protection laws.

How do they do it?

In this episode of the “Email After Hours” podcast, Danielle and Guy sat down with marketing experts Carlos Arriaga Frias and Markus Dang of DIGITALL to discuss their email approach and to learn the tips Carlos and Markus recommend for senders across the globe. 

Tune in to gain insight into successful customer engagement strategies, German sending best practices, double opt-in, Impressum statements, data protection laws, responsible AI usage, and more.

Tune in to learn more!


  • (2:16) Striking the right balance between email quantity and quality  
  • (4:07) The importance of double opt-in
  • (9:50) Navigating evolving legal requirements
  • (13:27) The impact of GDPR and ePrivacy
  • (20:03) Strategies for successful campaigns in Germany that all senders should know
  • (26:12) The future of email marketing

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