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Email After Hours: Episode 25

Back to Basics: 5 (Free!) Email Tactics to Beat Soft Consumer Demand

Dealing with a smaller marketing budget and subscribers who are more hesitant to spend? There are plenty of (free!) things you can do to optimize your emails for more clicks and conversions.

As economic conditions get tougher and marketing budgets get tighter, it’s important to remember just how amazing your emails can be when you focus on  the basics! 

Enter Jen Partin, Senior Manager of Email and SMS Marketing at Hickory Farms. (Yes, the ones who do those amazing Cheese Balls at Christmas!)

In this episode, we’ll give you practical advice on how to use the basic tools you already have more effectively in your email marketing. Nothing too flashy, nothing out-of-reach, just ordinary assets at our disposal already. From Google Annotations, to time-of-day testing, to Friendly Froms—we’ll reveal the best ways to use these tools and others.


  • (06:07) Hickory Farms’ consumer demand shifting the focus
  • (07:55) Time of day testing at Hickory Farms
  • (10:03) The evolution of timezone testing
  • (12:22) Gmail annotation tactics to win clicks
  • (15:55) The art of friendly froms
  • (17:22) How to optimize of pre-headers
  • (18:55) Reviewing and negotiating your vendor relationships
  • (21:05) Valuable messages: Quality over quantity

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