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Email After Hours: Episode 1

BIMI, BIMI More: How to Boost Email Engagement with Brand Indicators for Message Identification

BIMI is more than just another email acronym. Learn how to use this exciting specification to win more clicks and conversions in the inbox.

Tired of fighting for attention in stuffed inboxes? Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) might just be the answer.

We know what marketers are thinking: Did we really need another email acronym? But BIMI is so much more than that. In this episode of Email After Hours, Tom Bartel, Senior Vice President of Data Services for Validity, joins hosts Guy Hanson and Danielle Gallant to explain how senders can use BIMI to win more clicks and conversions in the inbox.  

They’ll discuss the benefits of BIMI, how to implement it, adoption trends, and why senders will want to be early adopters of this emerging specification. (Best of all, they’ll do it in plain English!)  

  • (0:42) What makes Tom Bartel “email famous?”
  • (2:40) Malicious mail: Why it’s worse than ever  
  • (4:20) What is BIMI? 
  • (6:09) A look at adoption trends amongst mailbox providers  
  • (9:17) Why is BIMI critical from the sender’s perspective? How does it build brand trust? 
  • (11:39) What kinds of email engagement uplifts are adopters of BIMI seeing? 
  • (13:39) What are the key BIMI implementation steps for senders? 
  • (17:52) Okay, but is BIMI really worth the hassle? 
  • (20:01) The worst marketing emails we’ve seen lately 

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