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Email After Hours: Episode 14

Privacy Please! How to Implement a Privacy-First Email Marketing Strategy with Anteriad

Companies can no longer think of data privacy policies as just a check-the-box item to avoid legal ramifications. In this episode, Anteriad shares how their privacy-first mindset helps them build brand loyalty and drive revenue.

Put yourself in your subscriber’s shoes for a minute.

How many marketing emails do you get each day? How do you choose the ones you engage with? 

Chances are, they’re from brands you trust.

As high-profile consumer data breaches grab headlines, subscribers are growing more and more wary of how their personal information is used. It’s up to marketers to earn their loyalty by practicing safe, ethical marketing and making their privacy policies clear.

In this episode, Anteriad’s Karie Burt, Chief Data and Privacy Officer, and Courtney Cope, Vice President of Data, share their strategies for mastering evolving privacy legislations, collecting customer data, and leveraging Anteriad’s privacy-first mindset to build brand loyalty.


  • (04:28) Are marketers transparent enough regarding data privacy and security?
  • (07:32) Navigating the maze of data protection legislation across different regions
  • (11:22) Bridging the gap between more emails and the right emails
  • (16:01) How to communicate your privacy-first policy in an authentic, transparent way
  • (20:09) Does a privacy-first policy help consumer engagement?
  • (21:12) Where is data privacy headed over the next ten years? 

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