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Email After Hours: Episode 2

Spam Happens: How Our Big Campaign Landed in the Spam Folder

So, your campaign landed in the spam folder? You’re not alone. Here’s how the deliverability experts at Validity dug their way out of the spam folder—and the plan we put in place to avoid ending up there again.

The spam folder is a wild place full of mail order brides, poorly written poetry, fake lottery winnings…and expertly crafted email campaigns?

Unfortunately, we’re not kidding. Try as we might to avoid the spam folder, there comes a time when every email marketer—deliverability experts included—discovers one of their campaigns was banished to the land of chain letters and money scams.  

In this episode of Email After Hours, Kate Adams, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Validity, and Jason Crichton, Director of Customer Success, join hosts Guy Hanson and Danielle Gallant to discuss how one of Validity’s high-profile campaigns landed in the spam folder—and what senders can do to avoid the same fate.  

Tune in as we reveal why growing your audience organically (and slowly) is vital to the success of your email program. Plus, you may even hear a “hot take” or two! 


  • (4:56) The campaign that could’ve been: What were we originally trying to achieve? 
  • (7:35) What were the biggest challenges we ran into with this campaign? 
  • (9:24) Why did this campaign end up in the spam folder?
  • (14:22) Greymail, spam, and complaints: oh my! How did we remedy these email issues?
  • (17:42) Is email deliverability getting harder? 
  • (19:50) Why you should power up your preference center?
  • (21:39) How can B2B senders avoid the spam folder? 
  • (28:39) The worst marketing emails we’ve seen lately 

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