About the Return Path Reputation Network Blacklist


The Return Path Reputation Network Blacklist is a list of IPs currently seen behaving in ways which represent a high risk to the networks of our data partners.

Examples of risky behavior include sending large amounts of mail that is complained about by end users, sending large volumes of mail to addresses which do not exist, and sending large volumes of mail from IP addresses with no reverse DNS or which appear to be dynamic.

Causes of this behavior can vary widely depending on what type of system you send from but can include security issues such as viruses sending mail out through your network, customers sending spam or other malware through your network, or sending marketing mail which causes abnormally large numbers of consumer complaints.

Removing your IP

If you have fixed problems on your network recently, or think this listing may be in error please use the form below to be removed from the list.  You should be aware that while this will remove you from the current list it does not indicate a permanent removal. New problems detected beyond this time will result in a new listing.

Enter an IP address

Please note that it may take up to 2 hours for temporary removals to propagate to the live blacklist. To contact customer service for more detail on your IP address and what may have caused it to be listed please visit this page.

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